Live and Breathe Project Life // sweetgirldesigns 

I feel like I fill my days with Project Life in anticipation of the next opportunity I’ll have to be creative myself.  I’ll watch Process Videos on YouTube, scan Instagram for inspiration, chat with scrappy friends through Facebook groups and most recently I’ve been listening to podcasts.  

I’ve never been into podcasts before but they’re perfect for listening to while eating breakfast or running errands.  I had heard of Jess Forster’s podcast series Pocket Talk before, but had never thought to give them a listen.  Until recently when I felt like I had watched every process video known to man on YouTube and needed something new and different to pass the time.  

The series, Pocket Talk, has ten episodes and gives a look into how ten crafty ladies approach Project Life.  It’s definitely interesting hearing how they got started, where they get their products and how their style has evolved.  It’s neat too because a lot of the ladies featured are regulars on my Instagram feed and a few of them even have YouTube videos.  So it’s just another peak into their lives and approach to Project Life.  

So if you’re looking for some more inspiration or just don’t know how to get started with your Project Life album, give Pocket Talk a listen.  The podcast is completely free and each episode is around 20 minutes.  

xoxo Kristie 

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