Scrap Room Tour // sweetgirldesigns 

House guests are coming so you all know what that means! Must hide the mess that is usually my scrap area! 

I’m generally a pretty tidy person (just don’t look in my closet) but when I do Project Life or any other crafty project I make a big time mess!  There is stuff everywhere.  I don’t know how or why this happens but it does.  I generally can leave my supplies out indefinitely but my daughter is coming to an age where if she knows she can’t have it, she will find it and destroy!  So alas I fear my messy days are over.  

I thought I’d show you my set up since it’s nice and clean! 


 It’s not perfect but it works for me.  I definitely could be more organized. I thought the Alex desk and drawers from Ikea would allow me to have a spot for everything – I do know where everything is – but it’s kind of all thrown in there.  

I am in the basement so it’s a bit dark at times.  I’m hoping to get another craft light pretty soon.  

I store my washi by color in the organizer on the left. I have some ribbon and twine in there as well.  The other organizer on the right has a ton of different supplies – enamel dots, roller stamps, stamp pads, washi samples, my Fuse and my pencil case that is filled with my essential supplies.  

This pencil case is just from the Dollar Store.  It’s the perfect size to store my scissors, tape runner, pens, corner rounder, my go to roller stamp and stamp pad and of course my beloved Glossy Accents.  It does zip up! Just everything is crammed in there at the moment.  

I do preplan my layouts and use my Canon Selphy to print. Planning out what page protector I’m using helps me to print only the photos I know I’ll use.  I occasionally change my mind because the photo doesn’t fit or the layout is too photo heavy and  doesn’t allow for enough journaling.  I do my planning in a simple notebook – nothing fancy.  I go through my photos for the week and slot them into a pocket. Then I check them off when I have them printed.  If I circle them that’s usually because they are on my DSLR or I’m waiting for the photo from a friend or family member. 

Lastly I thought I’d share my bowls of embellishments. I’ve recently upgraded to a few more bowls.  I originally had red and pink together and blue and tourquoise together but it was getting out of control! 

I also have a small bowl where I keep embellishments I want to or think I’ll use on my current spread.  

I hope that gives you an idea of how I organize and use my supplies.  I still have a long ways to go.  One day I’ll organize those drawers and sort my cards by color!  

xoxo Kristie

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