Project life// week 27/2015- createlifepaperwords

Hi all! Tara with createlifepaperwords here to share with you my week 27/2015 layout! I did something a little different this week with my layout: I didn’t use Design A! And I used the project life app to create the right side. I also have a process video for you at the end of this post so you can see how this came together for me.

Full layout: 
Left side:

 I used lots of The Teal Lime Press cards (found on Etsy, used TaraR for 20% off your purchase). I’m loving this Travel collection she has out for summer. I tend to mix and match, so these are from a whole bunch of different kits.

Right side:  Made with the app and exporting and printing at 4×4 size (just from my home computer). I printed these in triple so that I would be able to add to my #littlesummerJOY project and create a mini album for my parents who came with us. If you haven’t been to Heritage Park you should go! It’s a great historical village in Calgary, AB and a great out both for those with kids and those without.
 This center card is from The Teal Lime Press and I thought it would be a perfect “title” card for this page.

  Not sure still if I like this lets go on an adventure card… It’s growing on me the more I look at it but it gave Me some trouble! I love the go see do one, though!

 Love this title card! I think it’s one of my all time favorite title cards I have ever made. And I got a new package of the Baxter collection vellum hearts, so you will likely be seeing more of them again.

  This is my all time favorite photo that’s I’ve embellished EVER! It’s so simple and yet so gorgeous! I used color cast designs wood veneer from the #hashtag collection, a geo tag and my white uniball gel pen to create it! That’s it! Sometimes less is more.

 And a currently card- the Katy Perry reference is only because my 6 year old has discovered pop music- so the 3 hour drives consisted of A LOT of Katy perry!

You can find the link to the YouTube process video below.

Hope you have a great rest of your week.


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