Project life// week 29/2015

Hi everyone!

I really had wanted to get this layout up last week, but the time got away from me on Tuesday and then we went on another road trip on Wednesday, so today is the day!

I had a very photo heavy week for week 29 (July 20-26). We went on 2 road trips, did the midway at the stampede and were just busy! I also took out my DSLR for our trip to Fort Walsh and got some really nice photos that I wanted to include. Instead of trying to cram everything into 1 spread, I ended up spacing them out a bit and moved them to 2 layouts. I am really happy with how it turned out as there is a bit more space for everything and nothing feels overwhelming because it was crammed in!

These layouts also have less embellishments than I normally use. But I felt that the layouts didn’t really need them.

1st layout: 

2nd layout:


and of course, the process video so you can see how it all came together:

Thanks for visiting!


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