Project Life // sweetgirldesigns July 1-19

Hi everyone! I’ve been meaning to do a blog post for quite a while now but haven’t been able to find the time.  My little girl is sick and currently sleeping on me, so the time is now! 

This post will include THREE, yes three, layouts in my brand new family album.  I am so excited about this album and the documenting of the everyday of our family and not just Norah. Not that I didn’t love documenting Norah’s first year it’s just that other events happened in our lives that went undocumented.  I am happy to know that those memories and stories now have a place to be recorded. Anyways… 

Left hand side of July 1-5 layout: 

Right hand side of July 1-5 layout: 

Lots of journaling on this spread, which is one of my goals for this album. Also, I am in love with this title card!

Although there are still quite a few photos of Norah in these layouts, I was able to incorporate a few photos I took throughout the week that didn’t have her in them.  Which surprises me a bit because at this point I didn’t know I was going to start a family album.  In the next few layouts you’ll see that it’s pretty Norah heavy.  I’ll have to be more mindful of taking everyday photos too!

Left side of July 6-12: 

Right side of July 6-12: 

I try to put my title card in a different spot every week but just realized here two weeks have them in the same pocket.  I could switch the cards around but that kind of messes with the balance and the flow of events.  Not that I place my photos chronologically but still, I love it as is.  

I’m so happy that I actually used a month specific item from one of my subscription kits.  This wood veneer comes from Gossamer Blue and I love it!  I’m loving using the dates instead of “Week __”. 

Left hand side of July 13-19:

Right hand side of July 13-19:

See what I mean about lots of Norah photos!? But it was her birthday so I feel like it was inevitable.  

One of the simplest title cards I’ve ever done on a 4×6 but I didn’t want to cover up too much of the map print.  

Thanks for much for reading about and viewing some of my layouts.  If you can find the time I’d love for you to check out my YouTube channel as well sweetgirldesigns

xoxo Kristie


Project life// week 29/2015

Hi everyone!

I really had wanted to get this layout up last week, but the time got away from me on Tuesday and then we went on another road trip on Wednesday, so today is the day!

I had a very photo heavy week for week 29 (July 20-26). We went on 2 road trips, did the midway at the stampede and were just busy! I also took out my DSLR for our trip to Fort Walsh and got some really nice photos that I wanted to include. Instead of trying to cram everything into 1 spread, I ended up spacing them out a bit and moved them to 2 layouts. I am really happy with how it turned out as there is a bit more space for everything and nothing feels overwhelming because it was crammed in!

These layouts also have less embellishments than I normally use. But I felt that the layouts didn’t really need them.

1st layout: 

2nd layout:


and of course, the process video so you can see how it all came together:

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Project Life // sweetgirldesigns Norah’s Birthday Layouts

I can’t believe that my baby girl’s birthday has come and gone! I also can’t believe that I’m almost done her first year album(s).  I made a list today and hope to wrap up a few finishing touches before posting my second share video later this week. I’m on a mission to get it done! 

Yesterday I worked on Norah’s birthday layouts.  They came together pretty quickly but they are quite a bit simpler than other layouts I’ve done.  There are two layouts! 

Here is the left hand side of the first layout: 

I’m using primarily cards from Studio Calico’s birthday card add on along with cards from the Dear Lizzy mini kit.  It’s been so long since I’ve dug into my stash and used non-kit subscription cards.

Here is the right hand side of the first layout:

I broke out my Fuse for the first time and I have to admit there was a bit of a learning curve! I’m not sure what I was doing but I tore the page protector a few times.  I tried to go around the “1” wood veneer and I think I was getting too close to the veneer. I didn’t want it to shift at all but I had to change my plan when I saw that just wasn’t going to work.  

All the wood veneer used in these layouts (aside from the hearts) are from Freckled Fawn. 

Left hand side of second layout: 

I love how this layout came together.  Those Studio Calico cards are so cute!  I used an acrylic piece from Color Cast Designs on the card with the cow and pig.  

Right hand side of second layout: 

So colorful! I absolutely love Project Life for allowing people to incorporate so many photos! Plus I was able to include a ton of journaling about the day.  

If you’d like to view a short 14 minute process video of how I created these two layouts please visit the link below. 

Birthday Layouts

Thanks for looking! 

xoxo Kristie

Project life// Week 28/2015

Hi again! 

It’s Tara with createlifepaperwords and I have my week 28 done! I am all caught up again and it feels good! I’ve actually already printed pictures for this current week. So I’m hoping to get some time on Monday to do some work on that layout. In my downtime lately (feeding my littlest) I have been watching YouTube process videos. It’s been great to see a lot of differen styles both in filming as well as in project life! 

  Full layout: 

Left side: 

Right side:
I am now in love with the 3×3 page protectors! Yup, these are getting used a ton from now on! I love how they look, I love how easy they are to embellish, I love how the pictures look… I could go on!  So. In. Love.

And then the details:


I used cards all from Studio Calico’s Fairground PL kit. This will actually be my last PL kit from them. I have cancelled my subscription. But I am just deciding on a different company to try. So any recommendations are welcome in the comments below! I really love the bright pops of yellow and reddish- orange. I’m not a big yellow fan but I really like using it in my PL. I think because it’s so bright that it add a lot to the page. And then I’ve muted it with some of the soft blue and my usually black/white combo! I bought the 4×6! Paper pack this month and am so glad I did for those cards that needed to be 4×4.

And as usual the process video! If you haven’t subscribed to my channel, you can find it below:

Week 28 process video
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Project life// week 27/2015- createlifepaperwords

Hi all! Tara with createlifepaperwords here to share with you my week 27/2015 layout! I did something a little different this week with my layout: I didn’t use Design A! And I used the project life app to create the right side. I also have a process video for you at the end of this post so you can see how this came together for me.

Full layout: 
Left side:

 I used lots of The Teal Lime Press cards (found on Etsy, used TaraR for 20% off your purchase). I’m loving this Travel collection she has out for summer. I tend to mix and match, so these are from a whole bunch of different kits.

Right side:  Made with the app and exporting and printing at 4×4 size (just from my home computer). I printed these in triple so that I would be able to add to my #littlesummerJOY project and create a mini album for my parents who came with us. If you haven’t been to Heritage Park you should go! It’s a great historical village in Calgary, AB and a great out both for those with kids and those without.
 This center card is from The Teal Lime Press and I thought it would be a perfect “title” card for this page.

  Not sure still if I like this lets go on an adventure card… It’s growing on me the more I look at it but it gave Me some trouble! I love the go see do one, though!

 Love this title card! I think it’s one of my all time favorite title cards I have ever made. And I got a new package of the Baxter collection vellum hearts, so you will likely be seeing more of them again.

  This is my all time favorite photo that’s I’ve embellished EVER! It’s so simple and yet so gorgeous! I used color cast designs wood veneer from the #hashtag collection, a geo tag and my white uniball gel pen to create it! That’s it! Sometimes less is more.

 And a currently card- the Katy Perry reference is only because my 6 year old has discovered pop music- so the 3 hour drives consisted of A LOT of Katy perry!

You can find the link to the YouTube process video below.

Hope you have a great rest of your week.


Project Life // sweetgirldesigns Week 49 & 50

After a three week hiatus from Project Life I am so happy to be working on my daughter’s album again! In the past two days I’ve completed two layouts and their process videos which can be found on my YouTube channel.  

Both of these layouts came together pretty quickly.  I think it was because I am feeling super motivated to wrap this album up and I’m learning not to stress about my decisions as much. Trying not to complicate things because I know once I’m back to work I won’t have as much time to play! 

Left side of Week 49

Right side of Week 49

I’m really love the combination of orange and blue as inspired by the Be Nice card.  The card by Studio Calico also has hints of pink and teal which I also incorporated into the layout.  The 3×4 card with the heart (Gossamer Blue) ties all the colors together perfectly!

So many of my embellishments this week came from an awesome pocket letter I received.  Happy mail is the best! 

Check out the process video for more information about products used and for a closer look at my layout. 

Project Life Process Video Week 49
Now on to Week 50! So hard to believe I’m almost finished documenting Norah’s first year. 

Left side of Week 50

Right side of Week 50

The colors for the week’s layout were based on the Dad You Are Rad card from Studio Calico’s Father’s Day card pack.  I also used four cards from Laurel Lane Designs.  I love the way the brush script looks with the Thickers by Amy Tangerine. 

I kept my title card pretty simple this week. Actually the entire layout is pretty simple.  I used my DSLR for all my photos except one and I really wanted them to tell the story and was worried that too many embellishments would take away from them. This layout took me less than an hour to complete which is unheard of for me! 

Check out the process video for more information about products used and for a closer look at my layout. 

Project Life Process Video Week 50
Stay tuned for the remaining layouts in Norah’s album, along with a new project coming very soon! 

xoxo Kristie

Scrap Room Tour // sweetgirldesigns 

House guests are coming so you all know what that means! Must hide the mess that is usually my scrap area! 

I’m generally a pretty tidy person (just don’t look in my closet) but when I do Project Life or any other crafty project I make a big time mess!  There is stuff everywhere.  I don’t know how or why this happens but it does.  I generally can leave my supplies out indefinitely but my daughter is coming to an age where if she knows she can’t have it, she will find it and destroy!  So alas I fear my messy days are over.  

I thought I’d show you my set up since it’s nice and clean! 


 It’s not perfect but it works for me.  I definitely could be more organized. I thought the Alex desk and drawers from Ikea would allow me to have a spot for everything – I do know where everything is – but it’s kind of all thrown in there.  

I am in the basement so it’s a bit dark at times.  I’m hoping to get another craft light pretty soon.  

I store my washi by color in the organizer on the left. I have some ribbon and twine in there as well.  The other organizer on the right has a ton of different supplies – enamel dots, roller stamps, stamp pads, washi samples, my Fuse and my pencil case that is filled with my essential supplies.  

This pencil case is just from the Dollar Store.  It’s the perfect size to store my scissors, tape runner, pens, corner rounder, my go to roller stamp and stamp pad and of course my beloved Glossy Accents.  It does zip up! Just everything is crammed in there at the moment.  

I do preplan my layouts and use my Canon Selphy to print. Planning out what page protector I’m using helps me to print only the photos I know I’ll use.  I occasionally change my mind because the photo doesn’t fit or the layout is too photo heavy and  doesn’t allow for enough journaling.  I do my planning in a simple notebook – nothing fancy.  I go through my photos for the week and slot them into a pocket. Then I check them off when I have them printed.  If I circle them that’s usually because they are on my DSLR or I’m waiting for the photo from a friend or family member. 

Lastly I thought I’d share my bowls of embellishments. I’ve recently upgraded to a few more bowls.  I originally had red and pink together and blue and tourquoise together but it was getting out of control! 

I also have a small bowl where I keep embellishments I want to or think I’ll use on my current spread.  

I hope that gives you an idea of how I organize and use my supplies.  I still have a long ways to go.  One day I’ll organize those drawers and sort my cards by color!  

xoxo Kristie